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Payment Due Prior to Treatment

(If you answered yes to any of these questions please inform Gencel wellness staff before treatment)
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Health Concerns:

Please be sure to drink plenty of water over the next 24-48 hours as most of this detox happens internally

I understand that at the end of a procedure, the footbath water will be discolored. Some of this discoloration can be due to the minerals in the water or sea salt being used in the water, and some of it may be the body releasing toxins from your skin into the water. The color changes in the water will vary between clients and between sessions. It may change a lot or it may change very little. This is normal. The machine is working fine and the body will be absorbing energy. When slight color changes occur, the body may choose to detoxify through the urinary system and/or through the colon rather than through the lymph system via the skin during a footbath session. I further understand that neither Alimtox nor any of its associates or representatives are medical doctors and do not directly or indirectly represent themselves as such, nor dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of the foot spa, herbs or supplements as a form of treatment for illness. The information provided from the foot spa session, is for educational purposes only to empower people with knowledge to take care of their own health. I understand that Alimtox associates and representatives disclaim any liability if any choose to use or prescribe any remedies, natural or otherwise, for him/herself or another. I authorized Alimtox to send information on health care products in the future. Historically all modalities employed, (spa, herbs, vitamins, mineral supplements, etc) have been historically reported to have nutritionally supported the body’s biological systems. I further understand that I am to consult a licensed health professional should a need be indicated.
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