The GenCel Wellness Purpose

At GenCelWellness we bring our knowledge, experience, love, and talent to health minded people worldwide. Our goal and purpose is to help people achieve homeostasis through increasing mental clarity and awareness of substances in the environment that affect us. 

Toxins build up in the body over time from food, work environment, and surrounding influences. We deliver many different types of wellness tools including nutritional supplementation to assist the body with overall purification. Here we provide access to those optimum health solutions efficiently and economically.


Wayne Pitter, CEO of GenCelWellness, is a health focused professional with a passion to inspire others. He was born in Washington Heights New York in the late sixties and moved to Laguna Beach California at the age of eight. On his first day in Cali, Waynes mother took him to the beach where he saw a surfer ride a wave for the first time. That was the beginning of his lifelong passion for the ocean.

For the next twenty years, Wayne would be the first person in the water and the last person out of the water. Since then he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, pottery, golfing and maintains a deep love for traveling and exploring. Wayne would love to share his experiences from his worldwide adventures and that all starts with you.

The first business Wayne owned was ALIMTOX LLC. Its primary goal was the distribution of the Ion Cell Cleanse device. Serendipitously during his time as its CEO he received a tremendous wealth of knowledge about health and the long term effects of different types of stress on the body.

Wayne spent year after year interacting with medical/holistic professionals and working with many thousands of average ordinary people. After ten years in business he decided to take retirement, but soon found that retirement was not for him. Wayne realized that he had much more to learn, contribute and share. Fulfilling his purpose by giving his love and passion to the world through wellness.

Here GenCelWellness was created and is a culmination of a lifetime of experiences and wonders that will inspire the world for decades to come.